Welcome Home.

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If you do not want a go directly to jail card, a mandatory court appearance ticket, or your stuff tossed all over the ground as you enter the gathering, read this.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Welcome Home

Updated 6/24/13 12:45 Am Montana Time

Bless the sky above, the earth below, the wind in the trees and the water in the creek. Love each other even when you don't like each other. Walk gently on the earth and on your family and come home to this special place where we really try to love and respect each other, cook for each other, make music for each other and laugh together. 

July 4th Prayer/Meditation for World Peace

Dawn until high noon.
Please respect the silence and hold it (or the om) until ALL the children make it to the center of the circle.
Feel the power of thousands of people meditating, praying, blowing bubbles, doing Tai Chi/yoga for world peace and the positive evolution of the planet.
Participate in creating the peace we want to experience every day around the world.

 ~~~ Rap 107 ~~~

Please protect this Beautiful Land

Walk softly.  Harm no living thing.  Harmonize - Blend in.  Use only down, dead wood.  Do not cut living trees.  Preserve the Meadows . . . camp in the Woods.  And remember, We are caretakers of this land.

Everyone sharing makes a strong Human Tribe!

Please Protect the Water Sources by staying out of DELICATE spring areas.  Avoid camping, peeing or washing above spring areas.  Keep ALL soap out of streams, springs or the creek!  Use a bucket to take your bath 300 feet away from the water source.  To be certain drinking water is safe: boil it for ten minutes at a rolling boil!

Use the slit trenches or covered latrines - cover your paper & waste with ashes or lime, wash hands afterwards.  Break the fly/illness connection: shit-fly-food-you!  Dig no shitters near water areas or kitchens.

Protect our Health!

Use your own cup, bowl & spoon!  Wash them after eating and rinse in bleach-water. Go to C.A.L.M. if you feel ill - especially if you have a contagious disease - or are injured.

Camp Together – Establish neighborhoods.  Community Fires only!  Keep a 5 gallon bucket of water and shovel nearby for Fire Protection. If you are the last to leave a fire PUT IT OUT!  Please, NO fireworks!  Keep you camp secure.  “Tempt Not Lest Ye Be Lifted From.”

Pets are discouraged, but if you must bring them, keep them fed, on a leash and out of the kitchens, springs & fights.  Clean up their poop.  Love them.

 * * PACK IT IN  - PACK IT OUT !!! * *

Cleanup begins when you arrive.  Please bring only what is necessary.  There is no janitor here . . . YOU are the cleanup crew.  Separate Garbage for recycling.  Please DON’T LITTER - Find a collection point.  Compost in pits only.

You are the Gathering!

Participate and Volunteer!  Participate in Shanti Sena (the peace keepers council), work crews, workshops, councils and all activities.  Volunteer wherever and whenever needed: kitchens, welcome home, fire watch, parking lot, shitter digging, supply, front gate, etc.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T your Sisters’ & Brothers’ energies.

Keep the Balance: Earth, Sky, Trees, Water & People!

Alcohol is Discouraged, Guns are Inappropriate, Violence is contrary to the Spirit.  Please do not take pictures or videos of people without asking their permission first.  Discourage Drug Abuse.

Buying and selling endangers our right to be here.  The Magic Hat is our Bank, please donate early to fund our needs.  The Magic Hat goes around at Dinner Circle and with the Magic Hat Band.

Our power together is many times our power separated.

Enjoy the Rainbow with an open heart and you Will see the Vision.

There seem to problems with invasive weeds getting into Montana, that    travel in the undercarriage of vehicles traveling across the country.    Please stop at a car wash after entering the state.  Rinse off your car. Make sure you are not bringing in any invasive plants accidentally.

Directions (this is the site we used in 2000):

Fill up your gas tank before you leave the interstate.  No grocery store in Jackson. Last gas station is Wisdom and more expensive than off the interstate. Wisdom gas station open Mon-Sat 8 AM to 5 PMish for cash customers. Credit card customers can purchase gas 24/7.

From points east/south:

From Interstate 15 near Dillon, Montana (about 60 miles south of the Interstate 90/15 interchange). Take the MT-278 exit, EXIT 59, toward Jackson/Wisdom

From points west/north/Missoula: (revised 2nd time)

I've driven Hwy 93 from Missoula to the gathering and back. Great road. Crosses Contentienal Divide so a few twisty sections but the road is good.

From Interstate 90, Take the Reserve St exit, EXIT 101, toward I-90-BL/Hamilton/US-93 S.  Follow the signs to stay on HWY-93.  About 80 miles take MT-43 (which pops through Idaho and becomes ID-43 for about 1 mile). Drive 25-28 miles.   Turn right (south) onto MT-278. (MT-278 is 0.9 miles past Lower North Fork Rd If you reach Pine St you've gone a little too far)

Note to hitchhikers, if you thumbing it out of Missoula, make sure you're getting a ride as least as far as Jackson if not all the way home. First 35/45 miles has many little towns and stores, etc.  Many travelers are heading into Idaho and you might get stranded in the middle of nowhere at MT-43/Hwy 93.  Be prepared.

****From Jackson, Montana for all travelers****:

About a mile south of Jackson, turn onto SKINNER MEADOW ROAD heading south toward Idaho, big mountains, (good gravel/dirt road - please respect private ranches - drive slow, watch for cattle) Go 8.5 MILES, through fence and cattle guard into National Forest then take LEFT TURN and ONE LANE BRIDGE over creek (left turn is approx 1.5 miles before Van Houten Lake campground) to FRONT GATE ~ PARKING ~ BUS VILLAGE ~ HANDICAPPED PARKING WELCOME HOME!

See the topo map http://tinyurl.com/Montana2013map.  Or plug N 45.23845 W 113.43487 into your GPS or gathering map at bottom of this post.

The altitude is about 7,000 feet above sea level. Be prepared for days in the 60s & 70s and nights into the 30s.  Thunderstorms happen. Be prepared for rain.  Check the weather here.

 Just a friendly reminder, directions will probably change or additional details will change over the next week or so.  Check back for updated directions.

The site is the the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest.  The local USFS offices is at 420 Barrett St. Dillon, MT 59725-3572. Visit the website.
USFS phone numbers:
  • (406) 683-3900
  • (406) 683-3913 (24-hour recorded information line)

Additional Transportation Information:

Butte, MT is the closest large city although I think Bozeman or Missoula are probably not much further and seem to have bigger airports.

Trailways operates service to Dillon, MT --  the closest city on the interstate and about 45 miles from the gathering site.  Call Trailways at 703-691-3052 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

There is a Greyhound/Trailways stop at Jim's Smoke Shop, 25 E Helena, Dillon, MT 59725 that is open M-5 from 8 AM to 5 PM. Call (406) 683-6703.

  • A bus leaves from Butte @ 7 AM and 7 PM daily to Dillon from 1324 Harrison Avenue Butte, MT 59701.
  • There is a daily bus at 4 PM from Missoula Greyhound Station @ 1660 West Broadway Missoula, MT 59800. 
  • There is a daily bus at 4:30 PM from Bozeman 1205 E Main Street Bozeman, MT 5971.

Misc. Information:

The closest grocery store is in Wisdom - about 30 miles from the gathering site. Gas is hard to come by once you're off the interstate as the few (very few) places that sell gas are not open 24/7 - although the Wisdom gas station allows pay at the pump with a credit card 24/7.  Be prepared. Always helps to bring 5 gallons of gas in a red jug in case you run short or to share with someone else as the case my be.

The USFS has information check points to look for probably cause to search you. Don't give it to them.  Click here (post on right side of blog) to learn more.

For the USFS map of the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, click here.

   Please copy and distribute this information freely.
Ignore all rumors of cancellation.

We Love You!


  1. Map at

    Or use
    N 45.23845 W 113.43487

    I am told

  2. I thought we had finally got rid of that notion of "hold the silence until the children enter the circle" with that fiasco in Colorado where people were going "shh-h-h-h" every time an om started to ignite spontaneously. No, let the spirit determine the beginning of the OM, and let the children arrive went the may. (We actually achieved an om starting just when Felipe arrived at the gateway to main meadow in Tennessee last year, all by itself, with nobody planning or trying to direct anything. If that's what is meant to happen, it will happen.)

  3. If you were coming south from Butte on I-15, you could get off at exit 102 and go on state highway 43 to get to Wisdom. That the route I used in 2000 and it is a lot shorter than going to Dillon and then coming back north.

  4. There are a lot of people that are not terribly impressed you are back in Beaverhead County. I am not one of them! Welcome back :) I hope it's just as interesting as the first time!

  5. I just found out about Rainbow gathering and would like to attend with my 2 dogs . I am a peace loving manthat cares a lot about nature and its preservation. Would like to know if I am welcome? David in Scottsdale. Thanks

    1. David in Scottsdale. Please come. All peaceful people are invited. We would love to have you!

    2. you got respect for others, love in your heart, and a belly button come on down cant wait to meet you! lovin you!!!
      VooDoo--from nini's account we both loooovvvveee you!

    3. Since there are no rules to speak of.... just raps, no one can say not to bring your dogs. however... speaking from experience as both a multi dog owner and a long time rainbow... it's best to leave them home. dogs often get yelled at for going in kitchens and they tend to go to the bathroom whenever they feel like it with owners not always being responsible or aware. we are trying to bury our human poop in shitters and cover it with lime to prevent the fly - shit - fly - food cycle of disease and then dirt. dogs haven't learned how to do that yet. they also get into fights with other dogs and humans trying to break up the fights get bitten. leave them home is sound advice .... peace

    4. You are welcome but Dogs are discouraged... due to health and safety issues (ours and theirs)... leave them somewhere safe!

  6. I was saddened to hear the Rainbow gathering was not going to be held at Racetrack;near Deer Lodge. I made it to the council camp located there for a few hours and was so impressed by the people and the camp! I hope to make it to the gathering at Jackson. Bless you Rainbow People; it was a pleasure and honor to have even a brief encounter.

  7. Hi Karin, I'm in need of your awesome recipe for bug repellent! WelcomeHomeLovinYou! Naomi

    1. I use a mixture of eucalyptus oil and pennyroyal oil in a bit of water. Note pregnant women should not use pennyroyal. Then I smear it on my clothes, my skin, etc.

  8. My recipe for bug repellent is Three Days In The Woods :) Come on home everybody! It's begun! ~willow~

    1. That explains why citronella oil works better after a couple days of using it.

  9. Hey! En route to the gathering! Friend & I are taking greyhound. Saw there was a daily 430 pm bus from Bozeman greyhound station. Any chance someone knows if the bus from Bozeman shuttles right into the site? Much love, Lola. (845) 418-9036 is my number if anyone feels like making connections!

    1. Get to dillon, thats the closest, about 46 miles from jackson, mt. There are no shuttles that go directly in, but from Jackson to the site there should be some shutting happening. Safe travels, listen to your gut instincts, and welcome home !

  10. According to the Montana DoT, neither US-93 nor MT-43 are under construction. I'm coming from the west, I'm definitely taking that way out of Missoula.


  11. [i]A bus leaves from Butte @ 7 AM and 7 PM daily to Dillon from 1324 Harrison Avenue Butte, MT 59701.
    There is a daily bus at 4 PM from Missoula Greyhound Station @ 1660 West Broadway Missoula, MT 59800.
    There is a daily bus at 4:30 PM from Bozeman 1205 E Main Street Bozeman, MT 5971.[/i]

    Are these private buses that only go to towns, or are these Rainbow shuttles that will go all the way to the parking area near the gathering? For people who can get most of the way, but need a little help getting the final leg finished Rainbow shuttles are very helpful.
    Thanks for any info!

  12. I'm trying my best to figure out a good commune/ intentional community that is also bud friendly in any state really and google search is just lacking. I have thought of doing this for years and I've decided now is the time. I'm trying to research some on places but its all so vague? Any suggestions?

    1. calledThere's a farm in Tennessee called Shut Up and Grow It. Google that and you should get a link to their website.

  13. Is there going to be a hike in?

  14. Yes, please and thank you, if anyone has an update re conditions on the land. Post here!

  15. Im looking to hitcj s ride..amyime leaving ftom Phoenix, AZ..I would hitchhike, but frmale alone...little scarey

  16. what are the dates for 2013?

  17. (non)officially anonymous, July 1-7. However, clean-up and reseed will be there for some time and can use any able hands, if you've a notion. It's a whole 'nother way to experience the gathering.

    Does anyone have an update on the missing autistic man we were searching for? He still had not been found when we left the evening of the 7th. Thank you in advance, ~willow~


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