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Saturday, June 8, 2013

For Montana Residents (or what to expect from the gathering)

What exactly IS the Rainbow Gathering?

The bottom video includes interviews with townsfolk and merchants of stores and lodges near past Rainbow Gatherings. They were asked for their honest opinion of how the event went, the effects it had on their business, and what advice they would give to people in towns near future Gatherings.


  1. I am sacrificing everything to be there this year! It'll be a wild ride, and it'll be great to be back where I belong. Only 20 years old and ill be journeying with a woman with whom I met synchronisticly. Can't wait to be guided there from within! -Sean{h}naeS-

  2. Is there anyway you all could clean up before you leave? Last gathering it costs Montanans about 125,000 dollars to clean up the mess. You also left behind over 40 dogs that had to be taken to the humane society and cared for. Please try to understand the impact that many people make on such a small community and on the lands itself. You all just don't get it.

  3. Seriously. Go away.

  4. We Montanans love our land, follow simply the rules, pack pout what you pack in, keep it clean.please take your pets with you.

  5. Have a good time; most Montanan's do not have a stick up our butt; just follow the rules, clean up after yourself, keep your hands off your neighbors belongings, don't bring your pet and then dump it, treat others the way you want to be treated. I hope my 40-something daughter is having a beautiful time...if anyone mistreats her...I will find you. PEACE & HAPPINESS!


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