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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Attention! Snow Advisory! Hold at Lower Elevations!

ATTENTION!! - Updated 11:32 PM on 6/23/13 Montana Time

We had lots of sunshine today on site and roads are passable now.    We had 6 inches of snow but it melted off this afternoon. Come on home!


(And likely tomorrow as well)

Folks on site at the Montana Gathering got word out at 11am this morning (Saturday the 22nd) stating that they had a snowstorm last night which is continuing to a lesser degree this morning with occasional rain and hail. There is six inches of snow on the meadow currently, and the ROADS ARE CURRENTLY IMPASSABLE. People onsite are not able to get down to town, and folks in town should NOT try to drive up today.

Folks are being asked to STAY AT LOWER ELEVATIONS for the time being, until possibly Monday morning. It looks like tonight is the last night for below freezing temps, a bit of a warm up for a couple days with more precipitation expected on Tuesday. After Wednesday, the temps will warm up and a melt is expected, if it hasn't melted Sunday and Monday. The worry is that folks will go off the road into ravines. They are suggesting that ONLY folks with 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles try their luck today or tomorrow and only if entirely necessary.

Folks onsite are dealing with wet gear, improper shoes, and hypothermia because folks have arrived without proper gear. CALM (Medical Area) is not yet set up (nor is Lovin’ Ovens)

Currently set up in camp are KID VILLAGE (Same site as in 2000), Fat Kids, Rough and Ready, and Rumorz.

Again, please do NOT DRIVE UP TO THE SITE TODAY and probably not tomorrow either. Folks who planned to come down to town to set up a Town Meeting for this week and Porta-potties in town for folks driving in, are unable to get down to town today and likely tomorrow, so if ANYONE WANTS TO GET THESE TASKS STARTED, it would be greatly appreciated by those currently stuck onsite.

It is advised that people remember the Gathering in Utah in 2003 when trying to picture weather conditions. Come prepared. Weather is expected to warm up and look good after Wednesday. Hopefully, roads will thaw.

Ignore all rumors of cancellation.
But PLEASE heed warnings of delay.

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