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Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 9 Meeting with USFS outside Townsend, Montana on BLM Land

Updated 5/10/13 @ 6:30 AM


On Crow Creek Road, outside Radersburg,  Montana, preliminary verbal Operating Plan… being worked out, for Relay Station (scout volunteers and early folks into area)… Operating Plan for Site along Crow Creek Road…. Until after Spring Circle… (few days for clean-up_... worked out with District Ranger, Resource, and Incident Commander of Gathering, plus chief law Enforcement officer jon herrick…. Unsigned Operating plan  to be worked out for this relay station (on paper) -- models annual Gathering (later on)… good encampment


I just got back from the relay station site (holding camp)
and wanted to get the family some more info to help people feel confident that they can find it:

the site  is    6 miles    past Radersburg  on Crow Creek Rd

you pass an obvious campground on the left and then a little further on there is
 a Rainbow flag on the right  that "UXXX" put up

this is the spot until after May 15 when FS will open the gate the woods up in there are gorgeous!!
barring any further changes further up into the woods is a good area for a (holding camp) to wait until spring council consenses on the  site for the annual

*****Original post below here*****

          travel on highway 12 to TOSTON, montana.. then, go west on
hwy 285 to RADESBURG... from there go slightly north and west on CROW
CREEK RD... all the way to a Campground.... then past that.. to on
the RIGHT is Welcome Home!

    this is to a RELAY STATION
     for Scout Volunteers... and, any EARLY folks....
Meeting is at 11am.. thursday, May 9th... with Forest Service "on the
current land where the circle is..."

 be there on Thursday May 9th... between 11am.... till 1pm. Meeting with USFS Jonathan L Herrick and possibly others.

This is also the location for the Scout Rendezvous May 10 to 15 for those interested in scouting.  If you intend to scout, and please read the info on the first Scout Rendezvous in April so you know what's expected for this type of an activity.  You can find it here.

**** Please be self sufficient if you come out ****


  1. can u supply directions from helena. i live here and would just like to make sure we come the right direction.

  2. Hello. I would like you to post the info on the may 10-15 rendezvous please. I am wanting to meet up with the scouting and have energy in that direction.


  3. These are the only directions I have at present. Will confirm with the folks I got them from. I haven't received any more info on the Scout Rendezvous at present. I'll reach out and see what's going on.

  4. Post has been updated with most current information.

  5. any one needing a ride from helena montana area i got some wheels. room for 4 and gear. contact vic @ surtrecerifax3@yahoo.com

  6. I live in Radersburg and I really don't think you guys understand that 6 miles north of Radersburg is not in a remote area at all. It is in an area that is used heavily by locals and ranchers. I don't want to see any trouble out here-- but the locals are not happy about this happening. Please contact me cpruss@wildblue.net. I am in no way against what you are doing but the Crow Creed Valley is a really bad choice of locations. The Community is pretty much ready to do what ever it takes to stop it-- and they can be quite the rowdy bunch. I can guarantee this is not going to go well out here-- Please reconsider your spot, There has to be a less used area you could go to-- Choosing that location is like telling the locals you have no respect for them at all-- The Crow Creek is pretty important to most of the people out here. thanks

    1. The get together at this place is for just a few days for a meet up of folks scouting. The actual gathering location will not be determined until Spring Council starting on June 9. For information on how the gathring site is selected, please visit http://montanagathering2013.blogspot.com/2012/08/where-will-2013-gathering-be-held.html

    2. boy, alot of seed camps around bonners, jerry johnson, missuola lets keep the faith, been to alot of gatherings since 1976 just really miss the bro's and sis's that arn't a live anymore

    3. Its now 8 miles or so past the gate to the holding. Once u get lost u can get home. Indian creek is another way in but more confusing so many turns. Ur home when u see my rainbow peace sign

    4. i've never met a rancher before. i've got alot of respect for anybody that can till the land & manage a herd. wow, i bet these ranchers are just trying to protect their herds. can't fault them for that. think maybe the ranchers would be willing to teach me, a city folk, how they do what they do? maybe both groups can learn from each other. isn't that the fundamentals of civilization?

  7. I don't like that you guys come into our County and have your gatherings! Your suppose to be peace seeking people, yet you have already come into town stealing from our local store! So please, do all of us Broadwater County You can live the way you like, I'm not against that, I am agaist that you obviously believe you are above us, by choosing to steal from us!I also agree with the other anonymous reply, that Crow Creek is not a very good sight, the locals visit there often, and now choose to stay away because of the likes of you and your choices! It's our taxes and our County and we can't take advantage of it, because you move in on us! Please move out of Broadwater County! Also, you leave your campsite cleaned up with is appreciated, but what efforts do you put forth to leave the grass and everything else the way it was before you came?

  8. Who ever stole is rude. I'm sure it was just a random thumbum. We really haven't left holding. The folks at holding are to kind. The locals from my encounters don't mind us in fact some have even come and joined us for cirlce and other events. Others have even had the courtesy to offer to use their own water for us so that live water isn't problematic. Daily locals drive by to say hello. All are entitled to they're own opinions

  9. i've never been to one of these things, however, isn't all this usa land once native american owned? wonder what the natives thought about the immigrants taking their land and never leaving. The way i see it, these hippie folks are only staying for a couple of weeks. all of us american citizens originated from immigrants. i guess choose a perspecive. who are the too good to share folks & who are the open minded americans that we all claim in public to be. walk the walk. sharing never hurt anybody except maybe the native americans. peace out.


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