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Thursday, May 23, 2013

CALM, First Aid and Taking Care of Each Other

Today's blog post on CALM comes to you from  guest blogger MB. Just an FYI to all who are suspicious of donating money to the gathering online, I personally know MB and many of the CALM folks and know that they are doing an amazing job saving lives with minimal equipment. Lot's of opportunities exist to support healing our brothers and sisters. For those of you who are knew to gathering, CALM is one of the main first aid stations at the gathering. Visit them if you're not feeling well, get injured or just want to talk about healing.  To learn more about CALM, click here.

It is, indeed, that time of year to request donations! CALM raised enough funds last year to cover the Tennessee Gathering.  We had very few supplies leftover, and with the expectation of a larger Gathering in Montana, we expect our costs to be even higher. By getting donations early, we are able to be savvy Internet shoppers and get the best value for supplies. Once we are on the land, we have to purchase from pharmacies, with costs that are 3x what they are online.

Click here to see the inventory/banking list from 2012 in Excel format.  We purchased a total of $1,138.00 in supplies and used nearly all of the supplies.  Tennessee was a smaller Gathering, and we anticipate Montana to require twice as many supplies.  Our goal this year is to receive $2,000 in donations and we need your help to manifest a healthy and well cared-for Gathering.  Every $10, $20, $50 and $100 donation helps immensely.

CALM needs to have a variety of different supplies on hand because we never know from year to year what we will need.  Some years we see a lot of burns, while others involve roll-over accidents on the road Home.  We have treated heart attacks and diabetic shock, seizures and jungle rot, broken ankles and pains in the necks (ahem).  Wingnuts? Yep, we treat em.  A stick stuck in your foot because you really, really want to walk barefoot at night?  Yep, we treat that, too.

WHAT CAN BE DONE? Donate money to our PayPal or WePay account at the bottom of this message.  Give cash or a check to one of the CALM bankers. I can assure you that all of them can be trusted as they all put in way more money into supplies then they get back. Please do not bring in your old prescription medications, homemade tinctures or unlabeled herbs. We cannot distribute prescriptions, and tinctures end up unused unless they are made by a known and trusted source.

 If you have supplies that you would like to donate, please check with us first as they may not be what we really need. If you plan to bring supplies, check with us first by sending an email to CALM or MB  to make sure that this is something that we can use.

If you want to donate something material, we need batteries!  AA non-rechargeable are best.  We rely heavily on radio communications and with radios being always-on 24-hours a day for 2 weeks, we go through a lot of AA batteries.  Remember the helicopter evacuation in Pennsylvania the morning of the 4th?  That was made possible through radio communications relayed from person-to-person and then via a call to Emergency Responders.

And finally, CALM could always use Builders! We start serving the health needs of the Family as soon as we leave our homes­which means that we are often so busy, it’s hard to find time and energy to put up a tarp or to make benches.  Please stop by and plug in!

The healers are here to serve the Family. Let’s have a kind and safe Gathering!


OR to donate via WePay, click here

If you are a healer and want to plug in ahead of time, sign up for the CALM email list by registering here or visit Rainbow Medicine Facebook or email MB for supply/donation questions:


  1. hello CALM im EMT & Search & Rescue i would like to help in anyway i can im at mmmmmm98226@yahoo.com or 541-203-7124 till 6/20 when i leave to come.

  2. Update,
    CALM will have solar power, bring Re-Chargeable batteries, I am bringing 45 watts of solar power, battery, inverter, and light.

    Deep Cycle Marine Batteries (2 at most)
    AA Batteries - NM-HI or Lithium
    AAA Batteries - NM-HI or Lithium
    Battery Chargers, - perferably ones that will charge more than one set of batteries...
    1watt 3volt BLUE or WHITE LED's any quantity...

    Save the earth, use rechargeable batteries, If you are a focalizer at CALM, Front Gate, or Shanti Sena, Meta At Calm will have the ability to charge your batteries.. More if someone donates or loans a Deep Cycle Marine Battery.

    Don't destroy the planet by using wasteful resources. For the money spent on disposable batteries, I spent the same on solar and I am not throwing away a bunch of nasty disposables. And we can use solar year after year and save the planet at the same time.

    Blessings, Love and Light

    PS. The contact email for Calm is not calm@welcome.org it is calm@welcomehome.org

  3. Brett "From Tibet"June 1, 2013 at 5:34 AM

    Donation made!


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