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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dorian Day has been found

Dorian Day, the missing autistic man, has been found in a hospital.  Thanks to all the amazing bellies who scoured the gathering for Dorian. 


  1. Thank you! We spent the better part of our last day (7th) looking. Would much rather have been at vision council. In fact we were there for the historic Finch Walk Out hehe.

    Good News! ~willow~

  2. This makes me really happy. My heart was hurting for our brother out there wandering the woods lost. The tension was strong during our vision council regarding the situation and I'm happy that he has been found.

    Any update on his condition? Is he healthy?

  3. He is still recovering. Did anyone actually ever see him there? ....other then the girlfriend?

  4. The LEO's told me and a dready-feddy I was with that he was found in seattle


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