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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Meet & Greet with Forest Service Folks on March 18

Taking place in the Missoula Public Library in Missoula, Montana. A room has been reserved for the "Rainbow Gathering and Forest Service...."

 Meeting takes place in the "ala de Juntas" -- Small Meeting Room, 10-12am, Monday March 18.
downstairs/accessible/near coffee spot....

Interested people are welcome to attend in a peaceful manner to meet  Regional Forest Supervisor Faye K., Deputy Regional Forest Jane C. and with Jon H. ... perhaps some other from Forest Service, etc...



  1. I'm really trying to come to grips with all the closed door meetings. I think the only way to do a meeting like this is over the phone so people can actually listen and fully participate. very little comprehensive understanding comes from them. I hope we have over the phone stuff. I know over the phone is cumbersome but the way they are happening is not inclusive.

  2. Why not, like in PA, WA and TN have meetings with the FS be on the land. For the last three years, we made great progress and had circle/council with FS on the land. I heard that of all the folks who attended the most recent meeting with FS - none had actually been at last years gathering! This meeting despite it being "public" and any that are not held on the land are a step backwards in our transparency, sharing the skills needed to meet with FS, and inspiring new folks to join in the process. Conference calls are limited to those in the know and they have limits of how many can participate. There seems to me to be no reason that this meeting needed to happen until spring council

  3. Permits suck and paper chiefs are even worse. There are a few folks within rainbow who are working very hard to create a hierarchy of leaders by forcing operation plans on everyone who attends a gathering.

  4. my fried Brian is still in jail after bein narked out by rainbow when he tryed to, turn on the gathering for free, 5 lb. worth of skunk weed


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