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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Council Directions

Updaed 11/11/12

Thanksgiving Circle, Hot Springs, Montana, Nov. 21-25, 2012

Directions:   The council will take place about 75 miles northwest of Missoula, Montana in a town called Hot Springs, Montana. Coming into Town... at the stop sign is Spring St. turn right (north)... go block and a half (or so) on *Left-hand side of road is Towanda Gardens*... On right-hand side of road is (Tribal) Senior Nutritional Center.

This Center has been rented, for the Circle/council for Wednesday Nov. 21 (greeting, check in for shelter, set-up, etc...)  until Sunday Nov. 25th... (clean-up, check-out)....

Folks needing Shelter, Information... please come to the Center....  ****Wednesday is better day to arrive... (than Tuesday)

Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner, on Thursday 22nd.... some local folks may want to attend... Invitation is for all...  This Center, while the Circle/council is Gathered.... is a truce ground, Open to all People... Consensus is...Respect is!

There are a couple of options for parking for buses, live-in rigs... etc....

Hot Springs (town)  is located on Flathead-Salish-Kootnei Reservation....  Ranchers, farmers, and a mix of "now-age" people...There is awesome hot springs.... and Symes Hotel is one spot... (inexpensive for soaking..)

Everything is relatively close.... Hot Springs ain't that big..

Town Police --
TIGHT ON SPEED ZONES... drive slow, careful, be aware...

If you don't like camping in that part of the country over Thanksgiving weekend, I recommend you get yourself at room @ the Symes Hotel & Mineral Baths before they are all booked up.  Or try the Alamedas Hot Springs Resort.

If you're not familiar with the purpose and process involving T-Council, click here.
Re member... All People have an Rainbow Family Tribe Invitation to  Earth Re-Birthing 2013 World Family Gathering, July 1-7... Montana...



  1. WEmember, it is an Earth WEbirthing World FamilWE

  2. Thanks for the great information. The hot water in hot springs is not to be missed. You have to pay to soak, but there are options. We, the ripple ranchers will be at home baking for the feast on wednesday, and invite anyone to join us at our land to visit or fill their water containers. hot springs water is good to drink, but i bring my own because i enjoy soaking in it, drinking not so much, we have a great well. We have a symes cabin for the wednesday through saturday nights, and are bringing wood for family to burn that are staying nearby the tribal nutrition center .(if you can bring more wood, that would be good, no one can cut wood on a reservation without being a member of the tribes, that, and visiting the wild areas surrounding with out a permit is illegal) we ripple ranchers also invite rainbow family to visit us after TGC .. our phone is 406-826-0015 .. give a hollah ! otter/kyla , bird/josh , and my two kids six year old django oakcedar, almost 19 year old elwyn otter-raven . aho !

  3. Montana will be a very special Gathering. So many great Gathering coming up,
    Mexico Dec.1st-31st 2012-
    The Big Island of Hawaii Regional Jan 16th-28th 2013-
    Florida in Feb 2013-
    Then Montana in July 2013
    WoW it's going to be a Great TRIP! Love You Family......

  4. Beautiful. Thank you


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